Custom developments for protein capture tools

We propose developments of molecular traps for ubiquitin-like proteins that are currently not commercialized by B Molecular.
We can develop qualitative and quantitative methods that can be used to estimate the abundance of your protein of interest, or in high throughput screening methods

Mass spectrometry services

This service includes mass spectrometry analysis for identification of proteins of interest in the biologic model/disease you are working with. This service can be performed with any of our molecular traps.

We also propose data validation and interpretation. 

Validation is performed by Western blot detection of captured proteins from similar samples you have used in the study. The identification of cellular functions altered in two conditions can provide information on the molecular aspects affected in your model and simultaneously provide a list of putative biomarkers or drug targets. Depending on the trap used (e.g. ubiquitin traps) the most enriched chains can be detected. 

Among the typical druggable targets enzymes involved in the conjugation /deconjugation of ubiquitin-like proteins can be identified.  

Service 1: includes mass spectrometry analysis only

Service 2: includes mass spectrometry analysis as well as data validation of proteins of interest 

Service 3: includes mass spectrometry analysis, data validation and bioinformatic interpretation of results using distinct programs